Biography for Tex Texin

Tex Texin is the chief architect and globalization consultant for XenCraft. With many years of experience as a software developer, architect and project manager, Tex now provides companies with internationalization architecture, engineering and project management, Unicode and Web standards expertise, training, and successful product development experience.

Internationalization Architect

Tex has assisted many companies with the globalization of their web sites, software and business. He specializes in economically creating software for all regional markets and has extensive experience with Asian and Middle Eastern markets.

Tex has created and implemented phased strategies to migrate large applications from legacy character sets to Unicode, and from monolingual to multilingual user interface and content. A phased approach allows revenue generation from sales of each completed phase to be used to sponsor continued development. Tex has also created specialized tools and processes for efficient localization at reduced cost and short time-to-market.

Engineering and Project Management

Tex has extensive hands-on management experience building international teams, managing geographically distributed teams, shepherding projects to completion and a proven track record creating successful Systems, Tools, Database, Spreadsheet, Network, and Modeling software.

Unicode, Web Standards and Open Source Development

Tex is active in the Unicode Consortium, and is a member of the Unicode Conference technical and steering committees. Tex is also a founder and review board member of the Internationalization Conferences, Language Standards for Globalization Business Conferences, and BITCon Business of Internationalization and Technology Conference.

Tex is also an invited expert to Internationalization Working Group of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) where Tex participated in the creation of the W3C recommendation on Ruby Annotation and is also contributing to the Character Model for the World Wide Web and the Web Services Internationalization Usage Scenarios.

Tex is on the Project Management Committee for the ICU Open Source library "International Components for Unicode").

Training Provider

Tex is a popular speaker and lecturer at conferences globally on software development, standards (W3C, Unicode, Internationalization, ISO 8601 et al.), and globalization (both business and technical). Tex often presents a 3-hour tutorial on Web Internationalization at Unicode Conferences and has been providing workshops on Localization Project Management and in-depth Unicode training (UniClinic) at venues around the world.

Skills and Experience

Tex has significant engineering experience with C, C++, C#, Java, Assembler, 4GL, Pascal, Fortran, Modula-2, PL/1, shell, script, and many other programming languages. Operating system environments include Microsoft DOS, Windows, and .NET, Unix (HP UX, SUN Solaris, IBM AIX, Linux), Mainframe, Mini, Micro, Real-time, Simulation, and Cross-platform.

Tex has developed ISAM, database, project scheduling, spreadsheet, word processing, cross-assembler, simulator, network agents, modelling and other products for international use. He has also developed specialized libraries for internationalization, especially for high speed text processing and implementing algorithms for working with or converting between character encodings used around the world. This includes encodings for Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Hebrew and Arabic.

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Tex can be reached at +1 781 789-1898.